0 17 Year Old Brutally Murdered In Battersea

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  • 24-04-2017
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In a horrific attack on an estate in Battersea, a 17 year old was hacked to death by a masked gang wielding machetes yesterday. 

The victim was chased by a gang wearing balaclavas and carrying machetes and large knives who stabbed him multiple times and left him sprawled on the bonnet of a car in Battersea. Residents were woken at 1.30 am by screams of "help me i'm dying" The alarm was quickly raised but unfortunately the boy was pronounced dead in hospital aprproximately 90 mins later. 

People from Ingrave Street mentioned  the gang arrived to the area in a car and had been “hassling” passers-by earlier in the evening also.

A 45-year-old neighbour said: “There were about six of them, they jumped out of the car and started chasing him immediately. He was on his bike but they caught up with him and stabbed him. 

So far there have been no arrests and the police are investigating.