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  • 24-03-2017
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Not relevant to Battersea specifically at all, but we just thought everyone should be reminded of this. AFter recent events in Westminster this reminder came through that sometimes you may need to alert the emergency services that there is a real issue, but you might not be able to talk. 

Usually when you dial 999  the operator asks which emergency service you require before rerouting the call to either the police, ambulance service or fire brigade.If a 999 caller doesn’t talk, the operators are trained to then ask them to cough or make another audible sound so they know there is someone there.There are certain situations however when it may not be safe to make a noise – for example it could alert a potential attacker to your hiding place. If you dont react to this request the operator will have no choice but to hang up as its usually a pocket dial. There is a way to let them know you need help though. 

Dial 55.

This has actually been in place for about ten years, but not many people know about it. We didn't !

It's called the  ‘55’ Silent Solution protocol and worth remembering.