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  • 07-04-2017
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Wandsworth childrens services have been upgraded by the Department of education. It has gone from 'inadequate'  to ' making solid progress' in the lastest report.


Ofsted published its latest report on April 6th and found that social work practises had become stronger whichmeant an all round better experience and leads to 'better outcomes for most children'


Councillor Jeremy Ambache, the Labour lead for education and children’s services said: "Since the Ofsted judgement Labour councillors have played a positive role in developing and implementing the agreed Improvement Plan"

"An important part of the 'improvement journey' has been that councillors take responsibility for their leadership and scrutiny roles in relation to children’s services.

"Labour councillors will continue to champion the need for further improvements in Wandsworth’s children’s service.

"We all owe it to our children to make sure they are safeguarded from abuse.

"Young people who are in the care of the council (and those receiving aftercare support when they leave care) should be given the best possible start in life."