Pump House Gallery,

Battersea Park

SW11 4NJ




Pump House Gallery presents the first UK solo exhibition by London-based New Zealand artist Sriwhana Spong. Spong presents work that develops her interest in the fertile margins where things meet or spill over, playing in the crevices of culturally-inscribed boundaries. Central to the exhibition, alongside sculpture, textile, painting and musical instruments, will be a new film work exploring the Lingua Ignota (unknown language) heard and recorded by the twelfth century mystic, Hildegard of Bingen. Possibly one of the earliest known 'constructed languages', the Lingua Ignota appears to insert new vocabulary into the grammatical structure of Latin, and could be read as inflecting the 'classical body' of medieval high culture with the 'grotesque body' represented by women. Working with materials and forms that reflect their cultural contexts and sources underpins much of Spong's practice. With this exhibition she investigates what happens in the gaps of homogeneity through cultural forms, inquisitively presenting ways into these spaces through her research. This exhibition is supported by Wandsworth Council, Creative New Zealand and the Arts Council.