Royal Academy of Dance,

36 Battersea Square

SW11 3RA




This one day workshop (worth 8 CPD hours) will provide participants with the skills to work confidently with the basic principles of Pilates (Conscious Movement) when teaching a ballet class. Aims: The aims of this workshop are to: introduce participants to the basic Pilates principles; precision, control, centering, concentration, flow, isolation, routine, breathing in order to improve ballet technique explore muscle groups and understand how to keep students muscles balanced, strong and flexible develop observation skills to, identify individual student strengths and weakness and put in place strategies/provide feedback to improve muscle strength, balance, and flexibility within a group setting enhance understanding of basic anatomy demonstrate how Pilates technique can be incorporated into regular practice to enhance body strength, technical ability, and awareness Learning Outcomes: On completion of the workshop you will: have an understanding of Pilates technique and how to incorporate the basics principles of Pilates into a ballet class have a greater understanding of how conscious movement can be taught in an interactive, accessible and inclusive manner have enhanced observation skills in order to identify individual strengths and weakness and be able to provide positive feedback