DNA London,

1 St Johns Hill

SW11 1TN


2017-11-12 10:00:00


Join us for a poweful day of fitness, learning and relaxation  Introducing Box to Balance, the ultimate fitness and wellness workshop It may seem like an odd combination, but we believe that boxing combined with restorative yoga and mindfulness is the perfect recipe for a strong and powerful body and mind  Discover how this new wellness concept will leave you feeling fit and energised and also calm, confident and in control of your life  Learn why boxing is the most powerful and effective form of fitness.  Not only is it fun and enjoyable but it will focus your mind, relieve stress and leave you feeling energised and positive Learn how stress impacts on everything from both mental and phyical health to weight mangement Learn the brain science techniques to re-programme your brain to manage stress better and stay off the punchline Learn how to use food to support and nourish your body in times of stress Learn how to balance your nervous system for better health AND weight loss  Have fun and meet new people  10am – Welcome and wake up.  Start the day with our signature ginger and lemon shots to wake you up with a natural hit 10am -111am Boxing Fundamantels  – Learn basic boxing technique from our expert team at 12 Rounds.    11am-11.30  Bag Attack – 30 mins of HITT bag work and circuit training.  Now you've got the basics put your fitness to the test in this 30 min high intensity bag work session 11.30-12pm  Box to Balance Intro.  Introduction to the Box to Balance concept.  Why we need balance and how it makes us stronger, happier and more productive  12pm Nutrition workshop – Learn how to balance your energy, support your body in times of stress and how to eat for fat loss.  Learn how to be more mindful about food and how to avoid stress and emotional eating  1pm-2pm  Helathy and nutritious lunch options and juices served in our health cafe  2pm-3pm Stress management seminar- learn the secrets of brain science and how to re-programme your brain and manange stress and overwhelm.  Understand the impact of stress on health, weight and relationships and learn techniques to unwind and relax instantly 3pm-3.30pm  Boxing Round 2.  Builld on your boxing skills with this high intensity padwork session  3.30pm -5pm Restorative Yoga session – After raising your energy with boxing and HITT training, learn the importance of restoring your energy through breathing, yoga and meditation.  Even the most highly strung will leave feeling calm and rejeauvenated  FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Workshop is suitable for over 16s   What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? Best way to get there is by bus or train to Clapham Junction.  12 Rounds is based opposite the St Johns Hill entrance of Clapham Junction train station Parking is available at nearby Asda (by ticket)  What can I bring into the event? You just need to wer comfortble gym clothes.  Gloves and wraps are supplied  How can I contact the organiser with any questions? Contact Kat by email info@12roundsboxing.co.uk What's the refund policy? Event is non-refundable but if unable to attend credit can be given to attend future event