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Box to Believe is a programme for women who want to overcome stress, anxiety, and self doubt to feel truly confident and equipped to deal with lifes punches  You probably already know that boxing is one of THE most effective workouts for women. Not only is it an amazing way to train your body, but it’s fun, it keeps your mind focussed and there is nothing quite like it for stress relief. Did you know you can also use the same strategies a boxer uses to overcome your internal opponents?  You know that voice in your head that holds you back and tells you your not enough?  That voice that keeps you stuck in a never ending cycle of worry, doubt and anxiety?  The one that stops you being the person you know in your heart you want to be, the one that stops you having the life you REALLY want. Using a unique mindset coaching system, Box to Believe teaches women EXACTLY how to re-train their female brain to overcome self doubt and become more confident AND learn to Box in a fun and supportive environment. What you will learn:  How boxing can make you feel strong, empowered and confident and how to take these feelings into your everyday life. What's really going on in your female brain – the secrets to re-training your brain to overcome your own internal opponents and limiting beliefs.  How to switch on inner confidence and love your body. Your emotional recipes – how to set yourself up for success and master the skill of self-belief. A new skill and an exciting way to make the hard stuff in life fun. Defences for every shot life's going to throw at you. Why you need to 'shadow box' – how everything in life is a skill and how to create new habits and real transformation.  Why all women need a 'team in their corner' – how to create better connections and find the support you need to feel strong, confident and empowered. Relaxation strategies to help you find balance and inner calm. This series of workshops introduces the principles of Kat Bryson's Box to Believe self development programme as seen in The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/wellbeing/mood-and-mind/can-a-boxing-retreat-improve-your-mental-health/)