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Do you really know what your data is telling you? Are you worried about making meaningful decisions and statements based on the data you have? Data can show that what you are doing works, showing your supporters and beneficiaries how valuable your services are and even increasing your income. However, it’s not only about supporting your organisation with evidence of what works – it can help you discover how to be more effective and do more with the limited resources you have. Following on from our popular Impact Aloud masterclass, Lindsay Hodgson returns with an interactive workshop to help you to decide how to capture the right data for your project, consider the things that could bias your results and learn what you can do about it.  You’ll also recognise when to use different types of graphs to report your results and how to read between the lines to really understand what the numbers are saying.    What previous participants said was useful for them: "Discussing things to avoid when presenting data; how to remain authentic" "Lindsay shared many useful tips and made me aware of some of my bad practices in analysing and reporting my monitoring data" "Tips around mistakes not to make…"   Is this training for me?  This course is for anyone working in a voluntary or community organisation that is responsible for monitoring and evaluating outcomes and communicating the results.  Outcomes    You'll learn how to choose techniques to help you collect, analyse and present data. Trainer/s Lindsay Hodgson works with charities to develop ways of capturing, measuring and communicating the difference they make. Lindsay used to be a consultant for New Philanthropy Capital and managed the sector's Inspiring Impact programme – helping charities find tools and resources to measure their social impact.  She specialises in Theory of Change and outcomes measurement and is currently building an app for charities to use to measure things such as wellbeing, social inclusion and self-esteem.    This session is part of our Impact Aloud programme www.superhighways.org.uk/projects/impact-aloud funded by the City Bridge Trust.