Battersea Park Millennium Arena (Athletics Track),

Albert Bridge Rd

SW11 4NJ




Work smarter not harder, come to our Run Clinic and find you NEW flow! @GoRunRight we will make you challenge your exisiting ideas and paradigms about the runner you are and guide you to re-defining the runner in you. Want to take a fresh look at yourself and discover your full potential.  Our unique approach will unleash some of the shakles and dogmas that you have been carrying round and have heald you back from being the runner you trully are. Come and find you flow for 2018, we will help you unleash the Elemental Runner in you! ​During our 2 hour Run Clinic we will screen you to identify your unique imbalances and areas of focus and then show you the drills and tools required for you to walk away armed  with what you need to redifine your running.  A jam packed 2 hour clinic, including: 3 Stage screening process that involves gait analysis, range of movement testing and video analysis of your running. Injury analysis and prevention​ Based on the screening we will discuss common injuries that are applicable and ways to prevent them. Mobility tools Strengthening exercises and  Drills to ensure good posture and positioning when running and demonstrate drills to reduce that all important contact time and speed up your cadence to insure you are not losing that all important elastic energy. Follow up – Personal report will follow after the event to highlight your running posistion now and areas for improvement.