Battersea Arts Centre,

Lavender Hill

SW11 5TN




All Puppeteers Welcome! The Puppeteers Network was established in 2016 to help Equity better understand and represent puppeteers and the work they do while helping puppeteers better understand the benefits and support they can receive by being part of Equity. The first meeting was one of Equity's most well attended Network events ever, and since then the Network has gone on to positively influence the employment of puppeteers in all areas of our industry. The Network generally meets every two months on Monday afternoons at the Equity head office in Covent Garden. It was soon realised however that Monday afternoons didn't always work for everyone who wanted to come to the meetings and so, with the help of Puppet Centre Trust and the Battersea Arts Centre – BAC we will now be holding regular evening meetings to solve this. The meeting will take place upstairs in the Thurold room and will be followed by informal drinks in the bar. For those who cannot attend but have anything they would like to raise, please email us directly at pct@puppetcentre.org.uk. Or email Equity directly: Micheal Day – mday@equity.org.uk / Emmanuel De Lange – edelange@equity.org.uk