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Based on the Barre à Terre Boris Kniaseff method, this workshop (worth 8 CPD hours) is an ideal means of exploring new approaches to teaching floor barre work, benefiting both teachers and students alike. This one-day practical workshop is an ideal way to maintain basic classical placement, flexibility and core strength. It is an invaluable tool for all dance teaching professionals who wish to maintain "classical fitness" levels and is particularly useful for those returning from injury who are unable to bear weight. AIMS The aims of this workshop are to: introduce participants to the principles of floor barre make participants aware of the benefits and potential applications of floor barre give an understanding of the use of floor barre in basic placement and posture and maintaining these techniques once standing. illustrate how participants can develop and differentiate floor barre exercises for mixed-ability classes, and demonstrate how floor barre techniques and exercises can be incorporated into regular practice to enhance body strength, technical ability, and awareness.   LEARNING OUTCOMES  On completion of the workshop you will: have a secure understanding of basic floor barre techniques and exercises understand the benefits of floor barre, and where it can be used to support students be able to use floor barre exercises to support, strengthen and engender correct posture and placement be able to create floor barre exercises, and adapt these for mixed ability classes, and be able to incorporate floor barre exercises into classwork to support student development. For further information please visit: http://www.rad.org.uk/study/cpd/cpd-activities/find-a-cpd-course/floor-barre-an-introduction-1