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The Introduction to the Intermediate Foundation Syllabi Teachers’ course is a one and a half day practical course (worth 12 CPD hours) in which participating teachers will gain a greater understanding of the content of the Intermediate syllabi level. AIMS This course aims to give those attending a greater knowledge of the content and deeper understanding of the appropriate development required for success in the teaching of this syllabi level. LEARNING OUTCOMES At the end of the course participants should understand the:  Aims of the syllabi Learning outcomes and assessment criteria Choreographic content Guidelines on how to further develop technique, artistry, musicality and creativity in students in relation to the content of the examination Teaching methods appropriate for the delivery of these syllabi Advice on preparation and procedures For more information please visit: https://www.rad.org.uk/study/cpd/cpd-activities/find-a-cpd-course/introduction-to-the-intermediate-foundation-syllabi-teachers2019-course