London Kitchen Project,

1 Ethelburga Street

SW11 4AG




Everything But The Ham is a unique pop up food and entertainment company based in London specialising in bringing the uncovered delicious homemade food from the kitchens of Gaza Strip straight to the fancy dining tables of London.  This is the first of its kind joint cross-cultural dining and art collaboration project between Hams (a Palestinian inspired Chef from Gaza) and Amy Jackson ( a conceptional English artist from Leeds)Together, we create culinary masterpieces, entertain our customers and raise awareness and money for crucial causes. Everything But The Ham is back in February this time under the theme Love & Conflict. This time we aim to take our customers to immersive journey, through which they will discover the romantic delights of our Valentine's dinner party. Inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet where love, conflict and family intertwine with one another. Like in Will's literary masterpiece, sometimes, through love, we can also hate. Except this time, you're not in Verona, you're in Gaza, enjoying a three-course meal, beautiful music and more. "Love & Conflict" is another one in a series of the monthly upcoming events by Everything But The Ham. February's event will be in support of Love Palestine by PennyAppeal.org