Pump House Gallery,

Battersea Park

SW11 4NJ




Join us at Pump House Gallery for our free workshop, 'Talking ghosts: a collaborative hoarding novella'. We will work together with artist, lecturer and researcher, Alberto Duman to write the script for a 'hoarding novella’ that reinterprets a CGI scene depicting the forthcoming urban life at a local development site. Who are the 'talking ghosts'? They are the characters populating these CGI urban spaces, as seen on the hoardings advertising the arrival of new developments. We could call these people ‘ghosts in reverse’, whose function is to colonise the urban future in advance of our presence. These ghosts enter into a dialogue with the present through our encounters with them as passers-by. This collective intervention will give the gift of speech to these ghost citizens. Together we will write the script of our 'hoarding novella' by inserting custom designed speech bubbles onto an image of an existing hoarding from the surrounding area of Pump House Gallery. These ‘mediums’ will be ventriloquists for our thoughts and feelings, as we come together on the day. Regeneration Songs book launch Following this workshop, join us for the launch of new publication Regeneration Songs: Sounds of Investment and Loss, recently published by Repeater Books and co-edited by Alberto Duman, Dan Hancox, Malcom James and Anna Minton.