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'The Tontine Trap' is volume two in the thrilling new 'James Ballantyne' series, fusing the author's own experiences in the UK army with almost five decades as a senior barrister. Involving readers in the life of Ballantyne as he moves from Kazakhstan to Europe to infiltrate a conspiracy to seize world resources by force. It's a decision that produces an adventure critics are calling ''essential reading.''Paul Purnell has quite the c.v., containing service with the UK Armed Forces, forty-five years sitting on some of the nation's highest-profile trials as a barrister, and a string of published short stories that tie all his experiences together.It's the latter that inspired The James Ballantyne Series, that plucks readers out of their seats, transports them half way across the world and into a life-and-death adventure that will leave their palms sweating.''My army career took me to dark corners of the worldto see and experience things most people never will'', explains the author (whose previous works include 'Dangerous Cargo', 'The Hireling' and 'Scaramouche'.) ''It melds perfectly with my experience in the courtroom; a place where the entire tapestry of society passes its doors. It's a wellspring of inspiration.''About the author:Paul Purnell writes thrillers and short stories based on experience in the Army and as a criminal barrister.Four volumes of short stories ranging from spy stories to crime and mystery have been published. In addition, a series of novels based on the undercover hero James Ballantyne have created a core of must-read fiction for his readers. Locations in Europe, USA and worldwide feature as the backdrop to these escapades.Visit paulpurnell.com for more information.