The Stage  has announced that

Battersea Power Station will invest over £6.8 million in a cultural programme as part of its renovation of the Power Station , which is to include a brand new venue created in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre.

It is located under the railway arches next to the south London power station, the Village Hall is a 5,000 sq ft multi-use space with two performance spaces.

There is a 150-seat main hall that will be programmed with theatre, dance and comedy, as well as a smaller studio space, which can be used for more  community based activity.

The Village Hall has been created in partnership with Batter Arts Centre.

BAC artistic director David Jubb said the organisation had an unconventional relationship with the Village Hall.

“It’s not about us just parachuting in and saying: ‘Hey, Battersea Arts Centre is here.’ It’s about partnership and how we work together.

“Battersea Power Station has employed their own in-house team here that we can support. As a venue operator just up the road, also with a flexible space, it’s about asking how can we support these guys to learn how to run their own venue, programme it, shape it,” Jubb said.

Kate Scanlan, has been appointed as senior events manager for the Village Hall and said  there was a challenge in creating a community-led arts venue as part of a new development.

“We are all committed to this vision of how culture is the central point of creating a sense of a new space in an iconic location that everybody loves, everyone feels ownership over but actually no one has ever had public access to.

“The partnership with BAC is so important. We are not trying to copy BAC, that wouldn’t work, but we are trying to create a space that we want people to love like they love BAC.”

The Village Hall will also host residencies for artists from different genres, in order to connect them with the space, Scanlan said.