London Kitchen Project,

1 Ethelburga Street

SW11 4AG




Everyone knows that Trinidad carnival is the best street party in the world! So it stands to reason that we have the best party food in the world.  In this class you will learn to make some of the food you would find on sale from vendors not just over carnival season but at any event – fete match, cricket, football, wedding, wake and funeral. Whilst sipping on limitless rum punch (non alcoholic version also available).  You will learn to make; Shark & Bake – seasoned and fried fish served in fried ‘bake’ with various toppings. If you’ve been to Maracas Beach you know the drill Prawn Souse – Prawns picked with lime juice. Traditionally made with chicken foot, pig feet and cowheel, and allegedly a hangover cure. OR Green Fig Souse – Vegetarian version of Prawn Souse.  Doubles – curried chickpeas in a ‘flatbread’ sandwich. The ultimate Trinidadian street food. Served with tamarind sauce and cucumber chutney. Corn Soup – So much more than a soup made with corn, but one of the staples of any carnival lime.  Pholourie – Deep fried dough served with a tamarind dip Dips/ Condiments  Tamarind Sauce Cucumber Chutney Skills How to make Green sesaoning How to season and fry fish How to make fried bake/ floats How to cook green bananas  We will provide all ingredients, a copy of the recipes and containers to take your food home. Just bring an apron and comfy shoes.